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HMT-SF micro

Cutting machine - Micro parts

Quick Overview:

  • Cutting and Chamfer grinding combined
  • Ø 0,68 – Ø 4 mm
  • Automated


The HMT-SF micro is a fully automated system which was developed for cutting and chamfering smallest round bars made of a wide variety of materials such as carbide, hss, ceramics, etc..
Due to the convenient loading from outside of the machine the prodcution can contiune and does not lead to any downtimes

Technical Specifications

Blanks are getting placed in the outside magazine either manually by hand or automated

  • Enter the desired length as well quantity on the touchscreen
  • Press Start button
  • The outside magazine moves into the machine, places the bars on the inner magazine and returns to home position. As soon as the home position was reached the outside magazine can be loaded again at any time while the machine is already in production
Input Check
  • The rods are getting automatically loaded from the inside magazine into the prism, positioned, clamped by a collet and cut
  • Before the rod is positioned for cutting the rod length and rod diameter are checked
  • Thanks to the integrated sharpening unit the cutting wheel can be sharpened automatically during the cutting process
  • Checking of the cutting wheel through the automatic diameter check
Parts Suction Unit
  • The cut parts are getting extracted from the clamping unit to the removal station by using optimized extraction tubes for the different part sizes
Parts Sorter
  • As soon as the cutting process is completed the cut parts are getting transported to the removal station where they are getting sorted
  • Good parts and off-cuts are getting separated from each other and sorted into different buckets
  • Additional chamfer grinding station [for processing both end faces]
  • Machine data aquisition [MDA]
  • Oil mist suction
  • Compact fire protection system
  • Coolant filtering system
  • Coolant return pump tank
  • Compact design
  • Durable mechanical engineering
  • Easy to operate
  • Loading capacity up to 150 pcs.
  • Diameter range Ø 0,68 – 4mm
  • Rods lenghts min. 75mm – max. 340mm
  • Cutting lengths min. 2mm – max. 40mm
  • Variable cutting feed
  • Cutting accuracy ± 0,02mm
  • Rod length control
  • Rod diameter control
P&S separation technology
  • Servo-driven feed Z-axis
  • High precision manufactured prisms and tensioners
  • Programmable curve-controlled separation curve
  • Slip clutch secured separation axis
  • Automatic sharpening of cutting wheel
  • Cutting wheel wear compensation
  • Optimised oil cooling of cutting wheel
  • Sophisticated modular machine concept

We reserve the right to make technical changes


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