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Chamfering machine

Quick Overview:

  • Chamfer grinding
  • Ø 2 mm - Ø 12 mm
  • Cycle time 10 sec. at 0.2 mm chamfer


The CSM-5 chamfering machine is a compact machine for grinding bevels and chamfers. It gives you the option of grinding, sanding and buffing workpieces to length, plus axial run-out or tips. It moves in X and Y direction by means of linear motors. Therefore, any angle can be produced. The grinding contours can be controlled and corrected during the process, via the optional measuring station. The production range lies between Ø 2 up to Ø 12, and a length of the blanks measuring 30 mm to 150 mm. A very short cycle time is achieved thanks to the system’s dynamics and stable construction. 

Technical Specifications

  • Manually insert the bars into the magazine
  • Ø 2 mm approx. 2000 bars - Ø 12 mm approx. 80 bars
  • The diameter is adjusted manually
  • The bars are separated and lifted into the prism
  • The bar is positioned automatically and clamped using a collet
  • Two fixed stops for machining and processing chamfers and lengths
  • The next bar is positioned in the prism, parallel to the grinding cycle
  • Once the grinding operation is complete, the bar is swung around to the unloading station
Quality control and removal
  • The parts that are ground are measured and, if necessary, the values are also optimised
  • This ensures high repeat accuracy
  • Components that deviate in terms of tolerance are sorted out
  • The processed products are getting unloaded into a collecting tray by using a chute
  • Further transport tailored to our customers’ requirements
  • Fire protection system, Kraft & Bauer
  • Oil mist suction
  • Coolant treatment system
  • Coolant return pump tank
  • Conversion kit per diameter
  • Chamfer measurement
  • Dual magazine for length up to 70mm (L01/R02)
  • Long-lasting high-quality mechanical engineering
  • Ease-of-use
  • Automatic diameter control
  • Optimum cooling increases service life
  • Chamfer grinding, surface grinding, length grinding
  • Ø 2 mm - Ø 5.9 mm - bar length of min. 30 mm - max. 80 mm
  • Ø 6 mm - Ø 12 mm - bar length of min. 30 mm - max. 130 mm

We reserve the right to make technical changes



Prospekt CSM-5

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