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From the blank to the finished component

Our customers challenge us in many ways. Quality, process reliability, flexibility and speed are important attributes. Getting everything from one place is a great benefit for our customers.
In our state-of-the-art, fully automated anodising system, we finish your parts according to your wishes.

Not all aluminium is the same

Every aluminum alloy has specific properties. This is reflected in the surface. The higher the quality of the finishing process, the more the basic material determines the possible quality. We know the interrelationships and consider them at every single process step.



Increase the value of your aluminum parts with a surface treatment. In addition to a better appearance, the mechanical properties, which differ depending on the process, are also improved.

Natural Anodising

For components with technical functionality

Coloured Anodising

Technical functionality paired with your colourful touch

Hard Anodising

The comparatively hard coating increases wear resistance enormously

Chemically/Electrolytically Shining

In addition to the high-quality appearance, this surface offers a silky-smooth feel



Your high quality parts in good hands

Qualitative layers are not created by chance. The finely coordinated interplay of numerous parameters determines the result. The analysis of the electrolytes used is an integral part of our quality assurance.


But the quality of your parts is measurable too. For assured properties as layer thickness, roughness or hardness of the film, we can produce a corresponding test report on request.


Laser marking


The personal touch

Increase the value of your components with high-quality laser marking. Numbers, texts, barcodes, data matrix or your company logo - everything is possible with our laser, on virtually all materials.

Do you have questions about this topic? We are happy to help.

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