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We are a renowned medium-sized company based in Cham, Bavaria. Our business is divided into three areas. Precise manufacture of individual parts according to customer requirements, surface finishing of aluminium and production of machines. It is our personal desire to provide exceptional services with highly qualified employees.

The working atmosphere is friendly and geared towards working together to complete tasks. We only employ experts, who prefer to work without excessive regulation and achieve sucess through independent working and imagination. Development opportunities are equally great.

When we founded our company in 1996, we did not know how large it would grow. Today, our products are shipped all over the world. A lot has changed, but the important aspects have remained - us, as human beings, with our fundamental principles:

We take care of our colleagues’ wellbeing.
We stand alongside those who work with us.
We are committed to creating a safe workplace.

Our employees are important to us!

That’s why we believe in creating attractive, secure jobs. An appealing working environment and a friendly, trusting atmosphere is particularly important for us.

Of course, work has to include breaks. We want to enjoy this important free time in a beautiful environment. Following the Bavarian motto: “Snack time is the best time!”

We are part of our team

Walter Peter

Max Stahl

In the first years of our venture, we were both bosses and employees alike. From milling, turning and sawing to drilling, cleaning, delivering and paperwork... Whatever the work, we were the ones that did it. In recent years, much has changed. But one thing has remained the same: we are part of our team. The only difference is that we now ‘only’ look after the paperwork.


Seven reasons to choose P&S
  1. State of the art and clean workplace
  2. Employees are highly valued
  3. Harmonious and friendly working atmosphere
  4. Personal development is promoted
  5. Above-average salaries
  6. Short decision-making paths
  7. Voluntary benefits